Monkey See. Monkey Do.

A few Irish boy stories to share. These boys have us on our toes and these moments are too sweet not to share and record for them to read later in life. Enjoy!

Mason got his first toothbrush and y'all he knew EXACTLY what to do with it. I wasn't sure what to expect but he grabbed it from my hand and put it in his mouth. Just like he has seen his brother do many times during his first year. 

I know he watches his Ethan like a hawk but I didn't know that he was able to do everything he is seeing. It was the neatest thing to witness. 

There is one book that I have read to both boys now before bed. It's called The Going to Bed Book. I could probably "read" it to you right now without the book. That's how many times we have read it. The other night I pulled it out for Mason and Ethan walks in. He started "reading" it to him. He has it memorized too and just filled in the gaps when he forgot the exact words. It was so cute! He even did the the voice cadence I use and the extra silly hand gestures. LOVE

Ethan has added reading on his own to his bedtime routine. We go through all of our steps together. The very last step is me singing his song. He lays down and waits until I'm done. Then he sits up and grabs his magazine or books he picked and reads them on his own. When I come back to check on him he is sound asleep. I would like to think he has watched his Daddy and I read before bed. Either way it makes my heart happy to see him self-soothe before going to bed. Y'all it has been a long road to this point. Mainly because Mama wanted to "fix" it. But listen that is another story for another time.


Happy First Birthday Mason

Today you turned one.

A year ago at this time, 9:30pm, I was finally getting to very gently place my hand on your cheek for the first time. You were born at 4:31pm and were quickly rushed away to the NICU to help your lungs recover. Four days later daddy and I got to drive you home for good.

And so our new journey began.

Twelve months later you are happy, healthy boy that brings a special happy to our family.

You pretty much have three levels:

There's happy.

There's less happy.

 And then we have cranky. But that only happens when you are super hungry or super tired.

You LOVE your big brother. One night you were in a full on fit. It was late and you didn't want any part of the bedtime routine. You wanted sleep NOW! Then in walks your brother and you instantly stop crying. He lights up your whole world. And let me tell you that you do the same for him. He was so excited for you to turn one. And he is counting down the days until you can share a room. I hope you are just as excited.

Tonight Ethan and I sang your bedtime song to you. Ethan rubbed your back and played with your hair. You went right to sleep. It was the sweetest thing. 

You love to give kisses. Your brother gets your kisses without asking....lucky guy! 

You and I snuggle a lot. We get to end our days with snuggles. We begin our days with snuggles. We even snuggle while we worship. Although lately you have been wanting to play with all of your brothers stuff. The pews aren't baby proof so stay tuned on how that works out for us. 

You smile super big when you see daddy.

You make friends and share your happy everywhere you go.

You know how to say hungry and more with your hands. And when your hands go to your head you are ready to get down from that high chair. 

When you are really sleepy you scratch the back of your head. But you give it your best shot and try to stay awake because you love being part of the action. 

You think the Itsy Bitsy Spider is the funniest thing when mama sings it. 

You love to clap your hands and celebrate all things.

Being loud is another favorite. You and your brother scream at the top of your lungs for fun. Especially at the end of the day.

You like to play ball and your figuring out cars. Mostly you like things that you can put in your mouth. Those new teeth are giving you some trouble. But mostly you just smile through it all.

You made our family a family of four. You brought a special kind of happy for each one of us. You made mama's heart grow bigger. You made Ethan the proudest big brother in all of the land. And you made daddy proud with all of your charm!

God made you perfect for our family Mase. I don't know if you'll ever know how much I love you but I sure will try my best every day to show you. 

Happy Birthday my Mason Little!