The Coats of Winter

Today Ethan and I did a little winter coat shopping after school. Let me tell y'all - it did not go well for us. We struck out twice. Apparently mid-January is not the time to go coat shopping. Who knew? I have one more store to check before I start my online search.

 Funny that I have gotten this far in life without owning what one would call a real winter coat. Then again, I do live in Texas and cold winters are just not our specialty. We like to wear long sleeve shirts and flip flops around these parts during the winter. About once or twice during the season we'll get - wait for it - freezing daytime highs. Then a couple of days later we go right back to long sleeves and flip flop kind of weather. Okay maybe I exaggerate on the flip flops a little. But let's just say flip flips live in my closet year round.  

This winter though has been a different story. We have had some cold in-the-single-digit kind of days. And the regular coat is just not keeping this Texas girl very warm in the mornings. Of course I don't think of this until I'm heading into work, walking the five miles across the parking lot in my 10 layers attempting to keep warm by walking really, really fast. Oh parking garage parking how I miss you!  Another reason why I probably don't own coat. My car went from garage to garage on working days. And I happily followed.  

So my new reality says it's time to think and shop the heavy coat department. But alas, all we found tonight were clearance rack coats and spring jackets. No thanks - for now. If online shopping doesn't pan out I may have to reconsider the heavy dark green jacket with the fur. Somehow I don't think that will go well with my reef flip flops. 


One Word

I have been reading a lot of posts lately about One Word for 2014. This year I think I want to play.  

Just to keep everyone in the loop One Word is a word that perhaps you want to work towards, a type of goal if you will as you move through the year.

Over the last few weeks one word kept making an appearance in my thoughts.  I started to explore it. Trying it on for size. It started to feel like it just might fit my 2014. Or rather what I wanted from my 2014. The more I thought about it, the more I began to see how it applied to a lot of areas in my life.  Yay!  It was starting to look like this One Word adventure was going to be a fun one.

Then it happened…. 

A second word started to join in the fun.

a Two Word?
Is there such a thing?

Meanwhile mind you, I’m continuing with my Christmas celebrating and New Year’s eating and Ethan’s birthday prepping.  But in the back of my mind… those two words kept visiting again and again. 

I kept asking myself “Self, should I change the word or stick with the first one?”

Then it happened…  


A third word.  Sigh

So, this is me giving in and starting a new trend....

My Three Word of 2014:




Why I thought I could pick just one is beyond me. After all, I’m the girl who gifts two birthday cards most times because well, they both say it perfectly!

Happy New Year Y’all!!