Super Awesome Day

To quote my favorite 4-year-old, today was super awesome!

I got take the whole day off from work and enjoy the babies. I had dreams of making a dent in the laundry but instead we played. And then played some more.

We started the morning with a later than normal wake-up call. Everyone got up and moving in such great spirits. Ethan was in school by 8 and Mason and I headed towards his eye appointment. I took the scenic route to avoid traffic and enjoyed some good worship music. I took the time to notice neighborhoods and everyday people starting their mornings. People of all ages. It's good for my soul to remember there is a whole world outside of my workday routine filled with rush. 

We got to the eye dr 45 min early. Travis was so proud. Mason's tear duct got probed again and we were on our way back an hour later. We are praying it stays open this time. 

We got back to our neck of the woods and ran a couple errands before picking up Ethan from school early. 

It was only noon! We had the whole day head of us. 

The boys spent some time playing in Ethan's room. That is Mason's favorite room of the house. He's crawling now and has figured out that he can move from one room to another. I was in the hallway sorting through bins of summer clothes. Mason kept coming to see me and then off he went to Ethan's room to play. He had the best fun. 

After a while they both went down to nap. I got 45 min where they were both asleep. And it was just long enough for me to get my workout in early. Yippee! I normally get to it after their bedtime. 

After nap we packed up water and snacks and went on a super long walk to visit 3 neighborhood parks. It was a lot of fun but next time we'll have to pack a lunch so we can enjoy the animals more. We were rushing it there at the end to make it home in time for dinner. 

Bedtimes were a little behind but naps were long so it worked out. And bedtime routines weren't filled with cranky. Double yay! 

I love these days. Middle of the week surprises are the best. 

Two cool dudes ready for the park. 

There was Tic Tac Toe

 Iron man 


And swings. Mason didn't move his hands at all. 

Our first break 

Mason entertained himself 

Mama, do I look like a real cowboy? Yes you do baby. 

Mason was so over the adventure. 

Finally home, where we belong. 

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