Monkey See. Monkey Do.

A few Irish boy stories to share. These boys have us on our toes and these moments are too sweet not to share and record for them to read later in life. Enjoy!

Mason got his first toothbrush and y'all he knew EXACTLY what to do with it. I wasn't sure what to expect but he grabbed it from my hand and put it in his mouth. Just like he has seen his brother do many times during his first year. 

I know he watches his Ethan like a hawk but I didn't know that he was able to do everything he is seeing. It was the neatest thing to witness. 

There is one book that I have read to both boys now before bed. It's called The Going to Bed Book. I could probably "read" it to you right now without the book. That's how many times we have read it. The other night I pulled it out for Mason and Ethan walks in. He started "reading" it to him. He has it memorized too and just filled in the gaps when he forgot the exact words. It was so cute! He even did the the voice cadence I use and the extra silly hand gestures. LOVE

Ethan has added reading on his own to his bedtime routine. We go through all of our steps together. The very last step is me singing his song. He lays down and waits until I'm done. Then he sits up and grabs his magazine or books he picked and reads them on his own. When I come back to check on him he is sound asleep. I would like to think he has watched his Daddy and I read before bed. Either way it makes my heart happy to see him self-soothe before going to bed. Y'all it has been a long road to this point. Mainly because Mama wanted to "fix" it. But listen that is another story for another time.

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