2016 at the Beach

We took a road trip to Port Aransas and it was .... fun. This fun included 6:30 am wake-ups (thanks Mason), night time drives on the beach, using head lamps to search for crabs & frogs, exploring the island from a golf cart, taking the family to our favorite beach dive, searching for sea shells, running away from waves, eating ice cream before dinner, sno cones for snack and pirate cruise where Ethan became an official pirate!

Mason loved the beach and acclimated well to the new environment. He slept like a champ in the playpen. The only thing I didn't plan on was the sun entering his room and waking him up at 6:30 am!  Not fun when you went to bed closer to 11pm. At least there were naps to help get us through. He got to sit in a big boy booster chair  for meals and to my surprise did pretty good at sitting. He loved the sand and crawled straight to the ocean. Not one ounce of fear.

Ethan was super excited that he and Mason were sharing a room. On our first day he said "Mommy, I'm going to my room to watch TV". He thought that was the neatest thing. Our TV at home is in our living room so it was a special treat for him. There were lots of special treats for Mr Ethan. He got to ride in front seat of the golf cart with Daddy while mommy rode in the back seat with Mason and his car seat. (We were those people spreading our happy with a car seat attached to a golf cart.) Ethan could reach all of the light switches and the faucets and he could buckle and unbuckle his golf cart seat belt. He LOVED vacation!!! Every morning he woke up and asked if it was a school day. He couldn't believe it was a school day and he was at the beach. On Sabbath morning it came full circle for him. He said "wow! We didn't go to school for lots of days! I miss my friends. I bet they missed me."

here we go!

on the ferry waiting to be on island time
my boys

the big blue ocean

ethan looking for sea shells

mason's first time on the beach

those lips!

those eye lashes

my ethan

those cheeks!
silly boy ... i had to move fast to get this shot

before the pirate cruise

Pirate Ethan

the golf cart of happy

night time ridin'

fueling up on coffee

one tough mama
those eyes


happy boy


  1. Love the photos!! I am so happy that you all got to get away and enjoy the beach! It reminds me of when you were in the hospital while pregnant with Mason and you had the sign that said, "Life's better at the beach" (I think, or something close to that). Anyway this blog post made me smile. A little more than a year later and I am sure you were smiling and thinking, yes life is better at the beach. You did it Nancy!! You are one tough mama who made it through a really tough couple of months while in the hospital, delivered a beautiful and healthy boy, toughed through the first year, and made it to the beach with all of your boys! You guys deserve it! Love you!

    1. Oh Liz, you summed up exactly what I felt while standing next to the big blue ocean. There were lots of feelings on that beach. Love you friend!