A Love Letter

Dear House,

Thank you for the many memories.  I walked in a single girl full of dreams.  I walk out a wife and mother full of beautiful memories.  Although we had our pain points, you know the need for lamps at 8 am and the closet of a master bath, you will always hold for me many great memories.   And for that I thank you.  

I was always impressed by the way you made room for the double banquet table during family holiday meals.  And you welcomed all of our people (aka family - both the we born with and the one we have chosen).  And then there was the time my brothers and nephew joined us on a family snow day.  There were a few inches of snow on the ground that the city was on lock down.  So we had a big family snowball fight in your backyard and ended the day all huddled around your fireplace on different sleeping pallets because the lights went out.   Then there was the time when you allowed me to fill every room with bridal magazines, wedding gifts and endless To Do lists.  You stood strong and kept our new family safe as we began our new adventure as parents and brought home our sweet boy.  I remember Ethan and I walking through your door for the very first time and introducing him to each and every room.   Our little guy soon knew to look for your trees from his car seat to let him know that we were home.  I loved the way he shouted "home!" every time we pulled into the garage.    I will always think of you and smile.   Thank You. 

And now -- well, it's someone else's turn.  May they love you and share with you many new memories.    We will carry ours in our hearts always. 

All our love,

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