Moving Brain

Yesterday morning was my first drive to work without Ethan school drop off duty since we have been in our new neighborhood. This means a new route with new traffic woes but most importantly ... new breakfast stops and a new Starbucks! Yay! Getting out of the door in time was very important. So I'm about to begin my road adventure when I remember that I have a bag of dirty diapers to take to the outside trash can. I decide it will be easier and quicker to use the front door. I walk around the house and well... the side gate won't open. I try and try but nope - not gonna happen. I decide to just throw the bag in my trunk and find a trash can later because the clock was ticking!  I follow the map and make it to work within a reasonable time. Yay me!  

I go to get in my car for a quick lunch trip to Target and OH the smell! Wow!  Apparently I underestimated the power of the one year old poop.  Did I mention I live in Texas?  Our summers are not what you would call mild.  I drove to Target with my windows down and suffered through the 100 degree weather in the name of fresh air.  At Target, the dirty diaper bag found a home in their parking lot trash can (lo siento Target/ I'm sorry Target) and my car got a new air freshener.  I never loved the smell of golden vanilla more!

When I told the story that night during the "how was your day" part of the evening - the family said through giggles "why didn't you just throw it over the fence?"... Well aren't they clever? I blame Moving Brain.

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