First Knee-cident

The day was gorgeous so the Ethanator and I headed to the park after a real quick dinner. We literally -- rushed home -- changed into summer play clothes -- ate -- headed out the door. Perfect way to end the school/work day!

We (Ethan) decided to take the wagon instead of the bicycle this time. He was so cute in his little red wagon with the hand on the rail ... just in case.  

Just in case his mama trips while trying to walk backwards (so I could talk to him) while pulling the wagon downhill.  Fortunately I had my thinking cap on and only did that a few times.  I can't help it!  He is so fun to talk with these days.  

So we make it to the neighborhood park and enjoy the beautiful weather. We (Ethan again) fed the horse some hay. Played keep away with the football. Stopped and watched a cute puppy. Then daddy joined us and the game play took on a boy level. You know the kind. Where the boys throw footballs in the air and the girl in the family watches out for curbs and other neighborhood kids.

Then it was time to make our way back home. So we get to the sidewalk and that's where it happened. The very first knee-cident.  

I'm not going to lie -- my first thought after seeing that it was a normal knee scrape was "that's the last time he wears shorts to the park!". But one look at my brave boy and I decided that a shorts give-away was not in our future. He took it like a champ. He got up, brushed off his knee (leaves/hay/dirt on his clothes is a big no no for him) and got in his wagon.  

Hopefully all future _____ - cidents will go this way.  

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