Ethan's Toddler Days

My boy is officially a toddler and in toddler land there are laughs and precious moments o’ plenty. Here are some of my recent favorites:

One day we are driving down the street heading home. It was towards the end of Ethan’s day, which means that he is done with his car seat.

Ethan: Mama, hold you.
Me: I want to hold you too baby.  We are almost home.
Travis: I want to hold you three.
Ethan: No! Mommy hold me Daddy!  Not your turn. 
Ethan: Mama, I want to hold you one.

I love that he is old enough to get humor and make a funny!

Our boy is an all-around sports boy.  He loves to learn and play about all sports.  It was a proud mommy moment when he chose to watch basketball instead of Calliou.  So there we are both squeezed into the lazy boy watching us some play-off basketball.  A team misses the free throw and Ethan says, “That boy needs more practice Mama”

I love his observance!

I think I've mentioned before that I am not what you would call a tall person.  I’m sure it’s a funny scene watching me throw  place Ethan in his car seat in my husband’s 4x4 truck.  I’m too short to reach and place him in his seat while standing on the ground.  But I’m a bit too tall while standing on the side rail.  So I had been trying out and practicing different ways during the weekends.  Sometimes I even asked Travis to take over car seat duty because I was afraid we would both go tumbling down. Can you imagine the headline?  Mom injures child while trying to place him in his car seat.  I’m still certain that I will fall right out of the truck one day.  Stay tuned for that funny story.  Well after a few times of practicing I finally decided that it was best for me to stand on the rail and scrunch down to get him in his seat.  One time I even got him in there without having to step down and start all over. Once he was all in his seat safe and sound he looks at me and says “yay!  You did it Mommy!”    I said thanks baby!  It was so sweet that he knew I was working hard at it and celebrated my success with me.  Sweet Boy!!

He also says “good shot!” and “awh, try again” when we make or miss a basketball shot.

The first half of his third year has been so fun!  I love getting to discover more and more of his personality and his experience with the world.

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