Ethan Turns Two!

Let's pretend it's late January and I'm not 5 months late with this story...

I usually (the past two years) start planning E's birthday party in September.  He is a January baby and it gets a little tricky to plan his birthday with all of the Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year fun going on.  So I start early and get organized way in advanced.  Or at least that's my goal.  I love to plan parties and every. single. time. sometimes I get a little carried away with the cute crafty party stuff.  So to balance it off I give myself a few months to pin and dream and then narrow the party cuteness down as we get closer and its time to actually purchase and start making stuff.

This year I had my eye on a train themed party. I had pinned all manner of cute ideas.  For example, the food would be sitting on "tracks" around the table.  The train shaped cake in the middle like a cute little city.  Train tracks all around the house. I asked Ethan for his thoughts and birthday wishes. His response:

Birthday cake, candles, party hat and airplanes!

I asked three different times on three different days and every time the answer was:  

Birthday cake, candles, party hat and airplanes! 

And so I switched gears.  What can I say, the boy knows what he wants.  Honestly, I blame the hubby for teaching him early on about choices.  He would hold up two shirts for him each morning way back when he was around 8 or 9 months old.  Ethan would stare and point to the one he wanted to wear.  Crazy kid!  To tell you the truth, I wouldn't want it any other way.  

So an airplane party we had.  We celebrated our two year old among family and a great time was had by all!  He was still wearing his party hat weeks later.  Mission accomplished!

The last two years have been filled with laughter, smiles, first-time parent learnings, first-time Ethan moments and love. During the newborn months, I couldn't imagine him crawling and walking.  At 2, my mind cannot go to the elementary school age.  It all seems to go by so fast.  But it is a great ride that I am blessed to take.  I thank our Lord for picking me to be his mommy.  He is a wonderful, caring, happy, funny, sweet boy.  And I am loving every second!

Birthday Cake & Party Hat

Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you...

Airplanes, Airplanes, & more Airplanes

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