Say Cheese!

I absolutely love pictures! I try to fill my house with as many as I can. They just make me so happy.

Kim at Kimographyphotos took Ethan's two year pictures. The location was our hometown.  At 2, Ethan is "shy" when meeting new adults. He has started to exit that phase but I was still concerned that his shyness would result in no-smiling pictures. So leading up to the shoot we started talking about Mrs. Kim. 

Quick side story:  My brother's girlfriend's name is Kim and when I told him Mrs. Kim would be taking our pictures I could see he was trying to make the connection.  I had to explain that it was a different Kim, not Tio Lalo's Kim.  After that when I mentioned Mrs. Kim he would say: Not Tio Lalo's Kim.  A different Kim.  Right Mommy?

We talked about Mrs. Kim and how she took his 1 year photos we have all over our house.  We talked about how she took our Maternity pictures and he was in my belly. I showed him her picture and how she was a mommy too. And how she was going to use a big camera and ask us to say cheese. We talked about Mrs. Kim a lot. 

On the morning of the pictures I decided the best effort had been made and if we got zero smiles then at least we would have a good story.  And besides, I knew Kim would still capture his Ethan-ness in this second year of life. She's great like that. The hardest part of preparing for family pictures is coordinating our clothes. Thankfully I have a hubby who plays the part well and wears clothes that match our "picture colors". Once we get to the location I let go and have fun. I have complete trust that Kim will capture our family beautifully.

So we arrive at our location:  A train!  On tracks! Or really an engine that was remodeled (is that the correct word) and is sitting near the tracks going through town.  

Second Quick Side Story: A train came through in the middle of the session. Ethan got to see the crossing lights come on and he waved at the conductor and he waved back!  And Kim caught it on film!  It was the best!  

The location was perfect! While Ethan asked for an Airplane party he absolutely loves trains.  He knows about the conductor and the bell and the crossing lights and "All Aboard!".  

As you can see below, the session was awesome and we had so much fun! He was so cute exploring the train.  And Oh My! the rocks! The boy loves rocks and dirt. He was happy just picking up rocks and throwing rocks and gathering rocks in a pile. He laughed. He giggled. He was completely himself and Kim captured him perfectly! Exactly the memories I want to look back on forever and ever. Thanks Kim!

I'm sorry for the picture overload.  I couldn't pick just a few.  :-)


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