Hi Y'all! Mason here. Mama has been a bit busy with me and Brother so I thought I would jump in to say hi. 


My first few months home have been super fantastic! (My brother taught me to say that). I'm 11 weeks old now. I'm getting the hang of this breathing and eating thing. My favorite part so far is sleeping. Mama was so excited this morning because I slept from 9pm to 5am. I was just really tired from my first road trip. I don't think it will happen again - I like seeing her and Daddy in the middle of the night.

But my most favorite part of my new house is my big brother!  He is so funny! He holds my hand. And plays with my hair. And watches the best shows on this iPad thing. Maybe when I learn how to hold my head up Mama and Daddy will get me one. I am practicing every day. Mama and Daddy say I'm doing really good. Brother says I just have to keep trying.

I love my new house! Mama and Daddy have a bottle waiting for me almost every time I wake up from my naps. It's like they are magic!! My brother likes to share all of his old baby toys with me. And my bed is so comfy.

Oh and guess what?! 

My brother is a pirate!!!

He knows how to talk like a pirate and has a sword and everything! He said he's going to teach me how to be a pirate one day.

Here are some fun pictures Mama took. She is always asking me to say cheese but I don't know how to use my words yet. I try my best to smile.

2 months old

me and my favorite brother

After my first road trip

Well, I must get back to my napping now. Have a good day!

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