Life of 4

I wrote this three months ago before all of the illnesses from 2015 decided to settle over our home. It was the craziest. Then again it fell right in line with our crazy year...

It's been five months since we became a family of four. It has been an adventure. I am still very much in the transition phase. 

It's so odd to me that I had already forgotten what the newborn stage was like. I remembered the giggles and the smiles and the tiny clothes. But I had forgotten the sweet cuddles of a just fed baby. The midnight wake up calls where I'm grumpy for more sleep and excited to spend alone time with Mason ... All at the same time. Which brings me to 

all. of. the. emotions. 

The happy euphoria of meeting that sweet baby. 
Watching Ethan fall in love with the baby brother he has been waiting for so patiently.
Seeing Mason light up when he sees his Daddy.
Figuring out how to make sense of the new happy crazy.
The house being forever messy with pirates, swords and baby gear. 

It's a new world and we are loving it. 

Mason is now 8 months old and life has settled into this new rhythm of fast. I can't tell if I am out of the transition phase or if I just surrendered so that it feels normal. When we are not feeding and changing the little, we are entertaining and feeding the big. Somewhere in between we squeeze in regular life.

Ethan has easily stepped into the protector big brother role. The other day we were home recovering from the "four-year-old check-up with the three shots" and Ethan wanted us to go pick up Mason from school. I don't want Mason to be there all day Mama he says. His thoughtfulness and love is deep for his little.

Mason is the little that yells "I'm right here!". During the bumbo stage we had to put him on the table while we ate dinner. Otherwise he would yell and yell as if saying "I'm in this family too y'all!" It's the same story now that he is graduated to the high chair. We are eating dinner so he wants dinner. Never mind that he just had his bottle plus baby food. He is showing signs of loving all things food. The boy fits right in around here.

This new world just keeps getting better with each passing month. It's full of all of the laundry, never ending bottle washing, toys scattered about, giggles and lots of love. The best is when the brothers see each other for the first time in the mornings. The biggest smiles ever! And the love ... All of the love between them ... It makes this mama's heart fuller than full! 


  1. awe!! I love reading your updates! You and Travis are doing a wonderful job with your boys. I know it has been a crazy, wild 2015 for you all, here's to hoping 2016 is the best yet!