More Irish Boy Stories

I started this post a few months back. It's good to be back in the rhythm of writing down words to all of the thoughts. I want the boys to have some memories to look back on and get a glimpse of what their childhood was like. Because let's be honest - those scrapbooks will probably get done when I retire. 


Life is finally starting to feel a little bit normal. Or rather like the version of our new normal. We are settling into the new rhythym of raising two littles and sharing our time between all four of us. It's not completely balanced yet but we are getting there. 

Ethan is a great big brother! His personality really shines through as he gets to know and love on his little brother. The other day I was in the bathroom doing Mason's bathtime. I said to Mason that I was going to need diaper cream when we got to pajama time. Ethan was playing out in the hallway waiting for his turn. A few minutes later Ethan walks in and hands me the diaper cream. "Here you go Mommy." SWEET BOY! He does this often. Just offers up his help or shares his great idea. He has lots of ideas on how to keep his brother safe and happy.

One night we were saying our prayers before bed. I close my eyes and wait for him to pray. Silence. I open my eyes and ask if he wants me to pray this time. He says, "No, remember? At night we pray in our heads because ..." And he points to Mason's room. "Mason is asleep." Of course in true 3 year-old fashion a few minutes later he is back to talking in a regular voice.

We were gifted the Fancy Nancy book and Ethan absolutely loves it. One night we read it on the couch and then settled in to watch some Duck Dynasty... Otherwise known as Ducks at our house. Ethan and I were sharing a Sonic drink (because we love to be healthy on the weekends) and made a pretend picnic on the couch. This was really my attempt at keeping any potential spills from our couch. We decided to invite Daddy to join us and Ethan turns to him and says, "Want to join us on the couch Darling?" with his pinky in the air and all. Just like Fancy Nancy - it was so cute!

I love that he's getting the humor thing.  He loves that he can make us laugh. 

At five months Mason is practicing rolling over. He also loves to empty any and all bins. All of the toys come out and then the bin becomes a drum. He loves to smile and is an overall happy kid. I've missed some ear infections because of this. He has two levels: Happy and Less Happy. And especially loves everything Big Brother is doing. No one else makes him laugh and smile like Ethan does.

Mason always has a story to tell. During our morning drive he shares lots of thoughts. During bathtime he has lots of stories. Ethan is a non-stop talker too. Which works just fine for this talking-lovin' mama. The one who gets the short end of the stick is Travis. Normally he is a guy of a few words at home. Now he has to fight three of us for air time if he has something to say. And after the boys are in bed he becomes my word catcher. I love my little Ethan bear but there are days where I listen more than talk. Mason's stories only require a smile. Ethan's stories require listening and egangement. And this girl has to get all of her words out to keep the grumpies away.


Life is just humming along to its new rythym at the Irish house. I know I say it all of the time but I really wouldn't trade it for the world. Even the days when I want to clock out at 9am. Becuase even on those days my three boys share their happy.

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