Dear Ethan,

You are finally 4!

We met exactly (pretend I'm finishing this post on Jan 11th) four years ago. After a long day I got to finally reach out and touch your sweet face. You looked at me as if saying Hi Mama!

Those first few days I spent all of my free time watching your every move. Your smile and tiny fingers and sweet, sweet cuddles. It was all magical. It's still magical to watch you grow and be.

There wasn't a ton of sleep those first few months (really year). But not to worry - Daddy would come home from teaching and rescue us from the mess of the day. The next day Mama would try again.

Then you turned 1 and the words have not stopped since. I love ALL of your words. You're a boy full of passion and a big heart. 

You love BIG! 
You care for your family BIG!
You love on your baby brother BIG! 

Your passion flows into everything you do and I absoultely love it!

A few stories from your year .....

The other day you came home from Preschool with a picture of Jesus on the cross. You said you shared your picture story with your friends. My heart burst in a million pieces with love. I love that Jesus is in your heart and is part of your life so naturally. In the those first days after meeting you I remember asking God to help me teach you about Him. I didn't know how I was going to do it but I knew that I wanted you to know Jesus like your Daddy and only He would be able to help me do that. I wanted you to know to turn to Jesus first with all of the life things. And somehow it is happening. Well not somehow ... God is showing you and I am in complete awe and honored to be a witness.

You've told me that you want to be a fireman when you grow up. The other day you said, "Mommy, when I grow up you won't be my mommy anymore because I'll live at the firestation.". 

You started calling your Grandpa "Your Dad" when you found out he was my daddy. And you call PaPa Daddy's Dad. (cutest thing)

Waco. Last summer we took a road trip to Waco to meet some of Daddy's solider friends. It wasn't your first hotel stay but it was the first stay you have in your memory. On one of the days you and Daddy swam in their pool while me and 2-month-old Mason stayed in the room. On our last day you got to watch a snippet of the Harry Potter movie and you thought the kids flying on brooms were so cool. Ever since you have been asking us to take you back to Waco. The big pool, elevator rides, and Harry Potter movie all mean Waco to you.

Christmas 2014 was Mason's first Christmas but really it was your first Christmas. You were completely into all things Christmas. The decorating and stockings and Santa movies and playing with your nativity scene and telling the story of Jesus and singing Hark the Harold!. We made and set out cookies for Santa. We had a countdown and you were oh so excited!!! On Christmas morning you were so excited to open presents. You opened one and then stopped all of a sudden. You reached for the present you had made me at school and asked me to open it. Your thoughtfulness and love for others shows through your every move. It was a ceramic tile with a picture of me with grass and clouds. You said it was for me to have in case I missed you. Sweet boy. 

The day after Christmas you were so sad. You told me, "Mama I'm sad that Christmas left."

Our best conversations are at bedtime in your room or in the mornings while getting ready. One night you said that you had prayed for me on the stairs. I love that. 

Daddy and I talk about what a cool dude you are. God has poured so much love into you and I am so in love with HIs creation. He made you prefect for our family. Thank you for sharing your love and heart with us every day.

Happy Birthday Ethan Bear!


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