Snippets of Weekend Love

Weekends have started to look a little different around our house lately. There's more time to play now that Mason's meals are taking more of a breakfast, lunch, and dinner shape. The brothers are taking full advantage of this new found time:

In Mason Land ....
There's lots of emptying going on. He pulls all of his toys out of his bin. When he's thrown them all out of reach he flips the bin over to use as a drum. Eventually he ends up on his belly and moves his legs and arms at the same time as fast as he can. He looks like he's swimming. This only moves him backward but before he can question he finds new furniture to explore. He's also mastered sitting back up. It's only a matter of time before the baby gates come up.


There's more time for baking too. He has graduated from only pouring ingredients into the bowl to reading the picture recipe from the box. He has also been practicing the art of egg cracking. Our little chef! The hat always makes an appearance for about 3 days.

Our monthly photo sessions are also more fun! The 8. Month session turned out really cute. Usually by the end both boys are so done with smiling. But this time they laughed and played with each other. Ethan put on his tiger bottoms when he saw what Mason was wearing. It was adorable! I told Travis "get ready for a very loud house as these boys get older". They laughed and loved on each other the entire time. 


One night after dinner we sang on the way home. Even Mason joined in. Travis made up his own words. Me and Ethan wanted the real song so we could get the words right. And Mason just yelled. It was awesome! The next few times we got in the car Mason started yelling. And when I say yelling I mean practicing his sounds loudly. We do loud very well in our family. Mason's teachers always ask if we sing because he gets so happy during songs. We sing lots at our house. 

One of our local restaurants has a disco ball at the entrance. Ethan asked what it was and I told him it was for dancing. I asked him if he wanted to dance knowing he would be too shy. And to my surprise he said yes. But then changed his mind halfway to the "dance floor". Whew! I was shy but I had to find my brave to set a good example. Then at the end of dinner he found his brave. So Ethan, Mason and I walked to the dance floor and danced under the disco ball. I was so proud of my boy.

Weekends are still tiring physically but it is oh so worth it with these littles. They fill up the whole house with love and tears and toys and shoes and dirty clothes and dirty bottles and smiles and kisses and hugs and more love. 

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