A Spring Evening

I sat on my comfy couch while the sun began to set.

Just the two of us in the house.

The Voice playing on TV.

My arms holding my sweet baby boy. A healthy baby boy who soon turns one.

I admire his beautiful face.

Long, dark lashes.

Sweet chubby tiny toes.

His breath slow and soft and relaxed.

My mind goes back to a year ago ...

I sat on a hospital bed ... 
the Voice playing on TV...
my body holding on to a sweet healthy baby boy...
breathing through one more day.

The last year has been fast.

Filled with love.

Filled with transition.

Filled with new learnings.

Thinking of the time when my world was paused brings lots of emotions.

Emotions I'm still processing.

For eight weeks Mason and I were spectators of the world.

For eight weeks we listened and observed.

For eight weeks we were prayed for continuously.

Tonight I stopped ...

     and breathed in the calm.

     and felt all of the love.

     and let the gratefulness spill over.

Tonight I thanked God.

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