A Melting Heart

Life moments with the brothers are all giggles and play. 

Mason can be in the middle of an end-of-day grump fit and in walks Ethan - instant silence and smiles. Followed by giggles and play time.

I was hoping their bond would be strong. Getting to see it form is an amazing unexpected gift.

Mason gets so excited when Ethan is near that he squeals and bounces with excitement. And Ethan laughs and loves the hardest with his brother. 

One evening this week they had been playing and chasing each other. To sum it up: I had two hyper delirious boys on my hands that needed sleep quick. Somehow I get them both in pajamas and ready for bed. I turn Mason's lights out, his white noise on, and Ethan goes to his room to wait his turn. I'm rocking Mason trying to get him calm before laying him down when in walks Ethan. He's singing in a super soft, low voice. The song is "You Are My Sunshine". That's the song I sing to Ethan each night. Mason of course thinks it's playtime again. Ethan finishes the song and gently kisses Mason on his arm. Then he looks up at me and smiles. Then out he walks. My Mama heart just pretty much melted right then and there.

They are two similar but different boys. Yet their personalities compliment one another and go together perfectly. 

I'm thankful I get to be close to watch it all happen.

Now getting a non-blurry picture of the two of them smiling - well that's a completely different story. 

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