Hello Fall

It's the first day of fall and we are off to a great start. Our family's week nights can get a little crazy with after school activities for Travis and work days that end with a long commute. Sometimes the little people in this house get a little cranky from hunger pains. Then the Z monster sets in and I want to fall on the floor and throw a fit of my own. But today was different.  We chose a different lens.

There were early morning meltdowns. There were tasks that didn't get done exactly as planned. The commute was longer than expected....both ways. The meltdowns made an appearance at the mention of bedtime.

But still ... the happy lens slowed everything down.

Here's how I'm going to remember this day:

The clock was not the boss of me in the wee hours of the morning. Is that something for everyday ... no. But today - four days into a hard week - with more items on the to-do list than I would want - the answer was yes. I sent my kids off with smiles on their faces and left the "hurry up" words and impatient feelings for another day.

When I finally got to my desk I took it one task at a time. Stayed in the moment and poured my best into every word, conversation and task. Everyone had gotten to where they needed to be safely. Everyone got fed. No one was sick. Win!

I had lunch with a long time friend. It had been way too long and the conversation filled up my soul. It was exactly what I needed. I've been blessed with soul filling lunches all week. I think it's God's way of carrying me through the week. Today's lunch was perfectly timed.

At dinnertime we were all home early enough to have a home cooked meal and squeeze in some unhurried play time before meltdowns got the best of us all.

Mason's bath was short but slow. He read lots of books while I got him dressed and we had some laughs before settling down. Just the two of us. He's a boy on the go so to keep him on the changing table I give him books to look through. He sits there and tries his hardest to hold the book while on his back. At times he uses his foot to keep the book up. It's a highlight moment for me every time.

After Mason was down for the night I walked into a batman fight between Daddy and Ethan. I added music to the room and cleaned up the kitchen. By cleanup I mean tackle the important things not make it perfectly neat. Meanwhile the battle in the living room continued.

Then we all settled in for the season finale of Big Brother.

After a summer that was busy with doctor appointments and errands that can't be done during the school year and hot days and a one year old whose teeth won't let him be it was a very welcomed feeling to usher in Fall with a slow "restful" day. A day where I enjoyed all of the people God gave me.

Hello Fall! Please come in and stay a while... and please leave your slow lens behind.

Some pictures from our evening. Complete picture overload on Mason and his book but I cannot get over how much he loves his books!! It makes my bookworm heart so happy!!!!

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