I Called Her Welita

To some she was Grandma.

To others Jefa or Jechu or Ruca or Mama.

To others Senora Torres.

To me she was Welita.

To me she was where I ran the morning I woke up to an empty house. The same morning I became a big sister.

To me she was where we gathered on Friday nights. Where we chased lightening bugs and played freeze tag.

To me she was where I spent summer days waiting for the mailman while my parents worked.

To me she was where we gathered on Christmas Eve. All us cousins eager for midnight to arrive so we could open presents.

To me she was the one that wouldn't let me drink soda because my parents didn't allow it. Instead would have Tang in the fridge and animal crackers on the counter.

To me she was the one that made the best sweet bread and the best gorditas and the best menudo. Mine with only hominy because she knew that was my favorite part.

To me she was the one that always had a garage sale treasure ready to gift.
Ethan has a stuffed Bob the Builder she gifted him a few years ago.

To me she was the one that bought me my quincenera dress.

To me she was the one that had sourced out a wedding package when she found out that Travis was being deployed.

To me she was a woman who never complained about what her life lacked or could have been but always pressed forward with joy in her heart.

To me she was the one who always had doilies on her end tables.

To me she was the one that didn't let a language barrier keep her from building friendships with every person she met.

To me she was the one that made each one of us feel like we were her very favorite. (P.S. I'm her favorite)

To me she was the one that proudly filled her walls with pictures of everyone that entered into the Torres family

To me she was a beautiful example of strength.

To me she defined courage.

To me ...

She was my Welita.


  1. Beautiful words of your welita. She was a great woman. She will be missed dearly. And she showed the true meaning of unconditional love.

  2. Amazing! Although i never had the honor of meeting "welita" by reading this i feel i knew her! Beautiful memories for sure! To the Torres family, you guys were lucky to have her as a huge part of your life! 💛💜💙💚 -vanessa duran!!

  3. Nancy, those are the sweetest words to honor a woman whom you obviously loved very much!! It brought tears to my eyes, and now they just won't stop. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family!

  4. So true. That was my jefa chula she loved everyone of us, made us all feel very special. I know she's getting our special places up in heaven ready for us all, she knows that when God calls us in she will be ready to grab our hand and walk us up to him, I forever will miss my jefa (like i used to call her).. Great story mija, I love y'all soooo very mucho!!