It was a hot one...

We are finally on the healthy side of fever road otherwise known as Roseola. 

What a week! 

It all started last-last weekend with a late night mild fever. We went to bed hoping it was teeth related since there had been some crazy drooling. But Saturday early morning the fever spiked into all sorts of highs.  And so began our fever fest.  

We rotated between the two pain meds and drank ice water like it was going out of style. 
We napped. 
We watched a lot of PBS shows. 
We got up to play for a few hours when we absolutely couldn't stand being still any longer. 
Then we napped some more.  

After the third day of high fever we took a trip to see the doctor...just in case.

Good news: nothing serious, just something viral that we needed to let run its course. 

Bad news: the fever could last up to 7 days.  Yikes!

Six days later the fever finally said its goodbyes and a complete body rash welcomed itself in.  That's when we knew it was Roseola (Well - actually one of my BFFs diagnosed him after hearing our story). I was thankful I didn't know at the time because it can apparently get pretty scary. And so we moved on to Benadryl for the itchiness. 

By Friday Ethan was back to normal and smiling again.  

Then Sunday morning came. We were playing on the bed and Ethan busted his lip on the window sill...not once...but twice! Bunny Boo Boo to the rescue and all was better. After being cooped up in the house all week it seemed we had traded fever road for cabin fever. So we ventured out to our new neighborhood park for some much needed fresh air.

A week and a half later he finally feels better and even looks better too. His mommy on the other hand is nursing a sore throat. 

It just never ends...

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