30 days

It's true when they say it takes 30 days to create a habit.

At G-Hall the three of us shared a regular size closet. So I was very creative in how I stored our limited wardrobe. I used baskets and bags and a hanging space saver shelf that Gena had. There were also plastic bins that previously housed my scrapbook gear re-purposed to hold our everyday lotions and such. Note that this organization plan did not include a dresser.

Well four days in our new home and where are my clothes living?

on the floor. 

by my bed.  

in a suitcase.  


Not in the plenty of space closet. Not in the dresser that is mere feet away. Nope. On the floor, by the bed with most of its contents spilling out even. Are you ready for the best part?  

I thought it completely normal that I had to kneel on the floor to dig through my suitcase for my yoga pants and shirt of the day. It didn't dawn on me that hello! I now have space.

Oh Moving Brain, it seems we meet again... Sigh

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