Sparkles | Episode 1

This is a little bit I like to call Sparkles

Definition:  Sparkles are moments that make you stop and smile; moments that make you giggle; moments that brighten your day; moments that bring on a grateful heart. 

So here we go in no particular order:
  • Ethan folding his hands to pray.  The cutest part is him putting his hands over his eyes while he prays. His version of "close your eyes to pray".
  • Ethan singing the theme song to Calliou I didn't even know he knew. I love these surprises! It was the cutest thing ever!  He sings it with hand gestures and all.
  • Napping on freshly clean sheets.  It was a nice bit of sparkle in the middle of our crazy fever week.  (this one is a bit old but it brought me so much joy I just had to share)

  • My desk chair has adjustable arm rests...yay! It gets a bit tricky to get my desk and chair height just right. Blessed with the gift of height I was not - so figuring this out really makes my work life happy.
  • Tortilla wraps! Chic-fil A has a super yummy wrap. It's even good without dressing.

  • Getting Ethan to wind down for nap time can be challenging sometimes.  Especially if we go a bit past his schedule. So this weekend he's in our closet organizing the shoes that are twice his size. They obviously needed help.  Maybe the mountains of boxes we call home these days is getting to him too. But I digress....So I say "Ethan, it's time for your nap Bubbie".  Without looking up at me he says "hold on". His tone was very matter of fact.  As if saying - hold on mom let me finish this and then I'll be ready.  I try to keep from laughing. Travis calmly looks over at me and says "that is all you".    Mmmmmm...True story.

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