Sparkles | Episode 2

Hi Ya'll!

A few sparkels from the last few weeks.

Happy Friday!

Definition:  Sparkles are moments that make you stop and smile; moments that make you giggle; moments that brighten your day; moments that bring on a grateful heart. 

  • Watching my two boys make each other laugh hysterically
  • Spending a much needed family day - just the 3 of us
  • Busy stressful crazy week led to restless nights trying to find time to do it all led to a tired stressed out me led to me bowing my head in the middle of the day and closing my eyes to humbly ask God for help because I realized this is bigger than me and only He can make it all work led to a peaceful soul and deadlines getting pushed led to a beautiful week ending in church with me humbly praising Him for his everlasting love and grace
  • Hearing my Ethan shout with glee "Grenma!" when he saw her walking up the steps towards him
  • Fall weather equals great hair weather
  • Ending the day with family story time - reading singing bedtime stories included

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